Life Managers Annabel Moorsom and Fleur Köster provide a personal service supported by a team of friendly, capable PAs each armed with a battered black book of trusted contacts and suppliers.


Our three most FAQs:


Q: “What is a Life Manager?”

A: “The love child of a Personal Assistant and a Concierge.”


Q: “What does a Life Manager do?”

A: “Anything to enhance, ease or organise another person’s life (as long as it’s moral and legal!), from luxury holidays to finding an emergency plumber. Detox or retox, home or away, they will help you clear that to-do list." sample tasks 


Q: “How does it work?”

A: “Everyone’s life is different, so we listen to you and match a Life Manager who can support you privately and professionally serving as your right hand and second brain. They work for you as an ad hoc, day-to-day PA and stay in touch by phone, email or through personal meetings”





Annabel honed her organisational skills over 20 years in the music, travel and event management industries before setting up business as a Life Manager in 2004.

Her care and attention to the needs of clients and her resourcefulness for problem solving have developed over the years, while her contacts are invaluable to the service provided by Leave it with me.  

Annabel speaks fluent Italian and French, languages crucial for our clients with property overseas.

In her spare time, Annabel is a slow cook, a fast driver and is learning the ukelele.



After managing one of the largest hotels in Amsterdam, Fleur moved to London and set up Leave It With Me in 2010, an outlet for her instinctive urge to support people and ensure they're happy and feel in control.

A true multi-tasker, she can keep hundreds of plates spinning while juggling projects, solving problems and remaining cheerful.

Being Dutch, she fits the stereotype of being practical and multilingual, speaking fluent English, good German and a bit of French.  

Fleur's freetime is filled with kayaking, swimming and singing.



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Fleur Köster


Annabel Moorsom