Lettings and Property Management Service

Our personal service results in happy tenants, renewed contracts and assures the landlord their property is properly taken care of.


  1. Listen to, and act on your needs as a landlord

  2. Agree with you the price at which the property is to be marketed

  3. Market the property at that price through local agents

  4. Apply for, take up and hold to your order references on all prospective tenants

  5. Provide feedback, on request, as to progress with viewings

  6. Bring offers to your attention if requested

  7. Assist in the negotiation of terms of the Tenancy Agreement between Landlord and Tenant

    and Estate Agent, where necessary

  8. Make copy of each set of keys for LIWM use.

  9. Dress property when needed to attract renters.

  10. Meet agents at property to show them the property and obtain appraisals once per year (5


  11. Obtain gas and electric safety certificates for each property

  12. Instruct agents to market and advise them how to market with a check list of USP’s

  13. Leave keys with 2 local agents

  14. Coordinate all viewings with the existing tenant

  15. Negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best rental/tenant

  16. Liaise with agents and get updates

  17. Check tenant references

  18. Personally interview prospective tenants (with Landlord if required)

  19. Arrange inventories and check reports for damages

  20. Arrange for repairs and/or replacements

  21. Meet selected tenant at check in if required

  22. Arrange end of tenancy cleaners, offering to arrange on behalf of tenant

  23. Settle final check out of old tenant in order to return deposit

  24. Assist with local information and offer suggestions for suppliers for TV, broadband and


  25. Look after tenant throughout tenancy being accessible 5 days per week via email and by

    text/mobile for emergencies only.

  26. Liaise with work men on repairs and/or maintenance to property

  27. Liaise with tenant on repairs and/or maintenance to property

  28. Log invoices for payments to workmen and other services on behalf of landlord

  29. Forward invoices to landlord for payment

  30. Arrange appropriate insurance and negotiate any claims

  31. Receive reports and updates from the building management and report to landlord of any

    major issues

  32. Attend building management meetings

“International Rescue. Unfortunately my wife, who ran our property portfolios in London, Italy and France, had a stroke and needed to remove all stress and worry from her life. The team immediately took control and patiently worked with us, tenants and service suppliers to keep the properties maintained and maximise our revenue. I can’t thank them enough, but I'll try...

Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!!”

Robert Spearpoint, Property Investor



Management of a single property incurs a 5% fee based on the weekly rent, paid monthly by standing order. 

The minimum monthly fee is £200.

If you would like to know more, do get in touch: info@liwme.com or call +44 (0) 20 7223 3445